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Mass Media

Mass Media (1)

Mass media or mass communications are the press, radio and television.

Every day we read newspapers and magazines, listen to radio and watch TV. Nowadays there are so many newspapers and magazines, radio stations and TV channels that we have to be very -selective and give preference to some of them.

What newspapers and magazines do I prefer to read? I like to read the following newspapers: "Komsomolskaya Pravda"

("Komsomol Truth"), "Nezavisimost" ("Independence"), "Argumenty i Fakty" ("Arguments and Facts").

Several periodicals are available in English. As far as newspapers are concerned they may be daily, or weekly.

Magazines may be weekly, monthly and quarterly.

The newspapers and magazines I read are the most readable and have a large readership or circulation.

For example, "Argumenty i Fakty" has a circulation of more than 23 000 000. It is the largest in the world. The newspapers contain and give coverage of local, home and foreign affairs.

Their publications deal with very burning problems of our. history, latest events and forecasts for future. They also touch upon cultural, sport news. I like the way they present different points of view, approaches to the problems. My parents and I subscribe to some periodicals, so we are subscribers. We buy some of newspapers and magazines in a kiosk.

I often listen to radio, especially in the morning before I leave for school. I prefer to listen to "название радиостанции" programm. They broadcast much news and music. I like to listen to weekend programmes, some of them are very amusing and entertaining.

As to the TV, we have 4 channels. I prefer to watch youth programmes.

In addition I like to see interesting films. They might be feature, adventure, scientific, horror, cartoon and other films.

I enjoy seeing Walt Disney's cartoons. Now and then I like to see the programme "Love at First Sight". It is an enjoyable and entertaining one.


1. What do we read every day?

2. Why do we have to be very selective nowadays?

3. What do the newspapers contain and give?

4. What do radio programmes broadcast?

5. Where do you buy newspapers?

6. Which programmes do you prefer to watch?


mass media, mass communications — средствамассовой информации

to be selective — быть разборчивым

to give preference to — отдавать предпочтение

periodical — периодическое издание

daily — ежедневный

weekly — еженедельный, еженедельник

monthly — ежемесячный, ежемесячник

quarterly — ежеквартальный

readable — интересный

readership — читатели

circulation — тираж

to contain — содержать

to give coverage — освещать

local affairs — местные события

home (national, domestic, internal) affairs (events) — внутренние события, события в стране

foreign (international, world, external) affairs (events) — зарубежные события, события за рубежом

to deal with — рассматривать

a burning problem — актуальная проблема

forecast — прогноз

tо touch upon — затрагивать

to present — подавать

approach — подход

tо subscribeto — подписываться

to broadcast — передавать по радио

to telecast — передавать по телевидению

amusing — забавный

entertaining — развлекательный, интересный

to enjoy doing smth — нравиться что-либо делать


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